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Proven History

Ennovativ Design is in our DNA

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Ennovativ Design

We create a unique one of a kind design for each of our clients.

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Great Team

We believe our most important asset is our people

Dedicated Team
Quality assurance through industry best practices

Formal meetings and walk-through inspections are scheduled according to your availability to insure customer full satisfaction.

Ennovativ Designer
Experiance the difference with Ennovativ

“Project Work” is pre-scheduled on our master calendar, this way ensuring that all tasks are performed in accordance and with our detailed specification.

We value your time
Need to evaluate your standard

Our Quality Assurance Program is the key link between Customer and Operation Personnel. We implement a program of face to face contact to ensure all deadlines are met.

Our Team
We have the best employees that pride themself on their performance

We believe our most important asset is our people – the success of our business depends on them. Our people are well-trained and well-supervised.

Most Trusted Sevice in the industry

Ennovativ Design prides itself on long term relationships achieved through Quality Service, Personnel Supervision, Great Communication and Client Satisfaction.


What can Ennovativ Design do for you?
We work with customer on all the details before the project is started to ensure full satisfaction.
We pre-determine project schedule and asign a team to your porject.
Through a single point contact you will be well informed every step of the way.
Are there benefits to having a beatiful Kitchen?
Beatiful Kitchens are always top priority in any project design as we spend most of our time in the kitchen area.
Are there any benefits in updating my home?
By updating your home not only you gain an amazing living area but you raise your property value.
Do you provide assistance with materials?
With our service, you’ll no longer have to worry about visiting ton of stores to pick your materials, our Ennovativ Designer will have samples and images for you.
Can you help with any additional project based services?
We provide quick response to your needs and offer specialized services such as Hardwood flooring installation, Kitchen Cabinets replacement, Tiles Installation, Washroom updates and much much more.
How do you handle operations and efficiency?
Our operation is fully automated. We track sales and costs of each project in order to measure productivity and efficiency. We use a computerized Telephone Timekeeping System that allows us to accurately track each employee’s time and location and ensure proper coverage for each project. Our accounting system is also automated, ensuring accurate and timely billing.
What sets you appart from the other companies on the market?
We believe our most important asset is our people – the success of our business depends on them. Our people are well-trained and well-supervised. New employees are thoroughly screened, including criminal history checks. We believe that in order to achieve results for our customers, we need to keep our employees motivated to provide the best service available. Our employees are paid highly competitive wages; they participate in various incentive programs, and are rewarded for a job well done.

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Ennovativ Design

We deliver best services
Team of specialists.

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